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1Blade KnightJINOX400Arena
2Muse ElfSelinaKyle366Tarkan
3Soul MasterSiBeZinBR362Arena
4Soul MasterDael360Lorencia
5Soul MasterRespawn356Arena
6Blade KnighteatPEPE354Arena
7Fairy ElfMahatma353Tarkan
8Magic GladiatorMrBean348Atlans
9Magic GladiatorSalamander346Noria
10Dark KnightGhettogang346Arena
11Muse ElfLALA344Arena
12Dark WizardASEESINO343Arena
13Muse ElfEatMyASss341Arena
14Soul MasterSoulMaster339Lorencia
15Magic GladiatorSonyk338Arena
16Blade Knightr4z0r334Noria
17Dark Wizardmagoso334Lorencia
18Muse ElfDiosa329Arena
19Magic GladiatorShisZ329Lost Tower
20Fairy Elfelfota328Lorencia
21Dark Wizardmaguito326Lorencia
22Blade KnightMessi325Arena
23Dark WizardOmega325Atlans
24Magic GladiatorSeverusnap324Tarkan
25Muse ElfInfinitY324Lorencia
26Blade KnightShade324Arena
27Blade Knightjesuito112323Lost Tower
28Dark Knightbkmla315Lorencia
29Dark KnightmAzzuck315Lorencia
30Soul MasterSoulBarier315Tarkan
31Blade KnightGambit312Lost Tower
32Soul MasterUJeeDx311Arena
33Soul Masterchoco309Lorencia
34Dark WizardHaunter309Lorencia
35Blade KnightJuanKaa5305Arena
36Blade KnightYoyitO304Arena
37Blade KnightKING303Arena
38Dark WizardMago300Lorencia
39Fairy ElfHermioneHP300Lost Tower
40Magic GladiatorMAGIC300Lorencia
41Soul MasterAbudeba300Dungeon
42Fairy ElfElfBrCria295Lost Tower
43Blade KnightHellBoy292Arena
44Muse ElfKeriSable291Arena
45Magic GladiatorDarkPrince291Lost Tower
46Muse ElfVirus287Arena
47Muse ElfLOLA284Lost Tower
48Dark KnightDante284Noria
49Magic GladiatorDantee283Tarkan
50Muse ElfSonya282Arena